The first TACFIT-Certified gym in the Principality of Monaco and on the Cote d’Azur


“First In, last Standing” - Scott Sonnon, Creator of TACFIT

Often labeled “The World’s smartest workout”, TACFIT is a high-intensity circuit training program originally designed for special forces around the globe to help them master an elite level of physical fitness. Tapping into the body’s own natural movements, this regime consists of mindful yet vigorous exercise while avoiding the risk of injury. Appropriate for all skill levels, TACFIT is perfect to achieve your conditioning goals in an organic and efficient way.


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What is TACFIT®?

The TACFIT® training program is designed to provide fast recovery from intense bouts of exercise. It includes 26 specialized workouts with 4 different intensity levels, and 6 different protocols of timing, each circuit lasting 20-30 minutes.

The exercises are performed using your own body weight as well as kettlebells, clubbells, parallette bars, medicine balls, pull-up bars, gymnastic rings or straps, sandbags and plyometric boxes. To further reduce the chance of injury, every class starts with a specific warm up exercise and is followed by a customized cool down.

TACFIT “develops and hits all three windows of your biochemistry: the anabolic, muscle-building window, the catabolic, fat-burning window, and the metabolic, energy-building window. By balancing high intensity workouts with active recovery TACFIT accelerates your nervous system, so not only will you always be ready for peak performance, but your body will be operating far more efficiently even when you are in a state of rest.”

Overall Benefits

Improve Alignment: Poor alignment can cause your body to make unnatural adjustments to compensate, making it difficult to achieve peak performance. TACFIT reinforces your body’s key structural platforms, ensuring that your bones and muscles are aligned and supported the way they should be.

Develop Real Muscle Strength: TACFIT works to develop not merely “show” muscles, but true strength and power.

Reduce Pain: The human body was designed to be strong, mobile and pain free. TACFIT will help return you to that optimal state of being. By improving alignment, restoring mobility, speeding up recovery and reducing joint dysfunction, TACFIT will not only reduce aches and pains, it will restore a more natural flow to the way you move.

Increase Mental Clarity: Apart from providing an effective way to burn off stress, TACFIT utilizes precision-based movements and techniques that improve your mental focus, leaving you feeling calmer, sharper and more emotionally stable.


“The mind can overcome muscle, the heart can overcome the mind, but training overcomes them all.” 

-- Scott Sonnon, Creator of TACFIT


Flow exemplifies “health-first” fitness. It encompasses the full range of human movement, incorporating intuitive awareness, integrating structural alignment, synchronizing breath and allowing movement to become unbound in all its degrees of freedom.

Flow not only opens the body to all of its potential, it challenges the entire system until you reach the pivotal internal event which unlocks flow. Using the Intuitive Training Principle, with less than an hour movement, you can create the biochemical environment to increase not only your fitness, but your health and wellness as well.

Flow involves coordination, motor control, essential synergy, proprioceptive awareness, agility, balance, accuracy, timing, rhythm and sensitivity. Flow measures fitness as the ability to recruit multi-joint efficiency to move through multiple planes of motion with decreased total effort and with greater ease and more imagination. Because Flow addresses each of the six degrees of freedom, amazing results happen physically by practicing the program. We only need to tap into our movement to unlock these benefits.

Flow takes you beyond merely building muscle and burning fat. It teaches you how to access Flow in your fitness, and throughout your life.