“Everything is hard before it’s easy” – Goethe

Functional training is based on two simple principles: The first is to constantly refer to the gestures of our daily life. Without realizing it, we make our muscles work every day by lifting shopping bags, vacuuming, climbing the stairs, getting up to get a file, and so on. Functional work aims to reproduce these different movements by making the appropriate muscles more efficient, thus optimizing effectiveness and avoiding injuries.

The second principle is to work the entirety of all the muscular chains. Unlike traditional muscle training exercises, which focus on one or more muscles by isolating them, functional work takes into account the whole muscle chain and the joints. The upper and lower body work at the same time and not in isolation. Forget traditonal single-muscle machine workouts in favor of full-body exercises!

Our functional training program is open to all and beneficial to all. Except for people suffering from pathologies prohibiting cardiac efforts, it is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and physical condition. We simply adjust intensity to the capabilities and goals of each individual.

This regime is ideal if you are looking to get back into shape. Even if it has been awhile since you have exercised, the nature of the program avoids any risk of injury while working towards overall development of all muscles. However, functional training isn't only good for getting back into shape, it's also well-suited for more committed atheletes looking to improve performance. In their case, it is enough to increase the difficulty and intensity of the exercises. They can, for example, use stronger elastic bands or perform movements on a bosu or a swiss-ball in order to benefit from the instability offered by these training tools.


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